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    Martin Senour® Automotive Finishes provides products for various automotive, fleet and manufacturing refinishing segments. Designed to increase productivity and profitability, our products and low VOC formulas help your customer meet environmental standards in virtually every market and every regulated area. And Martin Senour Undercoats, Basecoats and Clearcoats offer industry-leading speed, performance and quality in both solvent and waterborne technology. For more information on these products, click here to Learn More.

  • Tradition

    For over 85 years, the NAPA network of Stores have been the exclusive distributor of Martin Senour® Automotive Finishes. Learn how this tradition has put ALL NAPA Store Owners in a position to provide their customers a unique benefit over their competitors.
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    Martin Senour Automotive Finishes has made it easy to open your Paint Store in a Parts Store. We'll answer all your questions and help you get started. This is your first step towards increased profits for your business. Get started now!

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